Voice of Sanskriti

Reg. Fee : Rs.150
March 21


This Sanskriti, we present before you, VOICE OF SANSKRITI. Rekindle your spirits and buckle up, because this is the time to call out the talent in you, and real talents last forever. So come, wait not and be a part of Sanskriti'20, to write your name in the stars


1) It's a solo music competition open for both boys and girls
2) Reg. Fee: 150 per participant
3) Participants must bring their Id cards
4) Songs can be sung in Malayalam, Hindi or Tamil
5) No separate competition for boys and girls
6) The event will be conducted in 2 rounds:
Favorite round and Melody Round
a) Favorite song round: 3 mins
b) Melody song round:5 mins
7) Participants must submit their karaoke prior to the competition
8) Decision of the judges will be final and binding. Any arguments or questioning will not be entertained
9) Failing to adhere to the rules will lead to immediate disqualification
10) Participation certificates will be given.


Parvathy Harikumar: 8606461253
Govind Krishna G : 9497821204