Film Making Workshop

Reg. Fee : Rs.150
March 20


”Film is a great tool to play with emotions and thoughts” -Maria Tusar

From triggering retrospection, to moulding ourselves and our views, to dialogues being major sources of comebacks, cinema has seeped deep into our roots. For some it has saturated into their lives at greater levels, that it has become a way of living. A handful among those have stepped up and become the vessels that brings to life this magic called Cinema. And the other moiety not only dreams but strives to become the handful. In recognition to this, Drishyam comes to you with the perfect recipe to bake you up and start you off en route to the handful.

This recipe includes a whole day with the well eminent Sreejith Vijayan, a director/ cinematographer/ script writer, he is a jack of trades when it comes to film making.
The morning session will include a workshop on cinematography and direction, and the latter an interactive session with a twist. Participants are invited to bring along a short film or any such creation of their own, which will be screened, analysed and critiqued by the director himself,⚖ creating an unparalleled experience for all those involved.

So come along to capture and absorb all different things at one go and take home a bag full of insight to flex about.


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Ephraim : 9072857995