Babymol & Babymon

Reg. Fee : Rs.200
March 21
Team Size : 2


"You can only achieve so much alone
But with the two of can go beyond"

Which is why this Sanskriti we decided to seek out the best 2 man army out there.
Will you and your partner fight through all the challenges TOGETHER?

Sanskriti'20 presents you BABYMOL AND BOBBYMON . Duo queue on 21st March, 2020 and dive on to MAR ATHANASIUS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, KOTHAMANGALAM to clash with everyone else and be the best duo ever.

Which partners (1 boy+1 girl) will win the ROYALE?
Its all upto you BABYMOLs and BOBBYMONs


Aishwarya: 7829437757
Ajmal: 8304979168
Anagha: 9207474578
Christo: 9995567971