About The Hackathon

As students, we face a lot of problems - With the power of technology in our hands, we can find creative solutions and make our own lives much better.

That simple idea is the root behind the very first iteration of the .hack(); series, student.hack(); Our aim is to provide students with a platform where they can present their own open-source hacks to improve the entire system of education, hacks which all of us can use in our daily lives as a student.

So come over, with your thinking caps and laptops and get ready for a ride!

Theme: Hack into student Life
We are very well disturbed about repeated learning procedures that lock us in the cage of syllabus. We are pressurised with assignments,projects and much more.
Isn't there an end to this query?
Can't we come up with solutions???

Schedule Detail

The complete schedule of the event

  • 9.00 AM


  • 10.00 AM

    Hack begins!

  • 12:30 PM

    Lunch begins

  • 4:00 PM

    Tea break

  • 7.00 PM


  • 7.00 AM


  • 10.00 AM

    Hack ends!

  • 10.30 AM

    Presentations Begin

  • 12.00 PM


  • 1.00 PM


Code Of Conduct

At .hack(); we envision to provide a platform for student developers to present their skills and the innovative solutions they come up with. In order for a truly open-source atmosphere, we are open and welcoming to all communities. We encourage all the participants to be engage in the community and in taking part in all the networking and hackathon activites in a friendly manner, while sharing your knowledge with others

The prize will be announced via our social media handels. The amount announced is tentative to change depending on the registration we recieve.


Mar Athanasius College Of Engineering


Mar Athanasius College of Engineering is situated at the heart of Kothamangalam, around 2 kilometers from the town. The college is situated at a sweet spot, and is filled with trees!

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Is this gonna be your first hackathon? Don't worry, we've got your things covered! Feel free to contact us if you have any queries, and also check out some of the frequently asked questions about hackathons

Sure! You don't even have to know programming for attending a hackathon. Hackathons are perfect events for networking and acquiring new skills. Maybe you'll meet your future co-founders or discover your billion dollar idea at such a hackathon!
You can work on a software or a hardware project. Just make sure that the hack is helpful for students and will improve their lives and overall learning experince. :)
You will need your laptops, charging cords, and some cozy clothes to code overnight :D Also, bring some extra USB cables or any other connection wires you will need. We will provide you with any other thing you might need, including food and midnight snacks!
The presentation in front of the judges is the deciding moment for your project, to win the prize. You'll have 5 minutes in total, 3 minutes for presenting the pitch deck and 2 minutes for the demo. Make sure you prepare the pitch beforehand so that you can rock the stage!

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